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Are you a Nigerian parent living in Kwara State, Nigeria looking for the best schools for your children?

If you answered yes to the questions above, rest assured, there are good schools within Ilorin and its environs in Kwara State that are suitable for your wards.

To ease your search for the top schools located in Ilorin and other parts of Kwara State, we have put together a list of the leading schools in the state.

Before we go to the list proper, below are some interesting facts about Kwara State that will interest you:

  1. Kwara State is one of the oldest states in Nigeria! It was among the initial states created by Yakubu Gowon in 1967 when Nigeria changed from the regional structure at the aftermath of the civil war. Initially, the state covered parts of Kogi State and Niger State especially the Kabba division of Kogi and Borgu LGA of Niger State.
  2. The original name for Kwara State was West Central State but it was eventually changed to Kwara State. The name “Kwara” is derived from the Nupe word for the River Niger. The river Niger flows through Jebba, Edu and Patigi LGAs of the state from Niger State to Kogi State.
  3. Kwara State is a relatively peaceful state! Violence in the state arises mostly from cult clashes and activities. Other than that, Kwara is peaceful. Armed robbery and highway robbery is almost non-existent. Burglary exists in minor proportions. There is religious tolerance and freedom. Terrorism and fundamentalism have no place in Kwara State. The state keeps to its tag as the “State of Harmony”.

Without further ado, let’s go to the list of the best schools in Ilorin, Kwara State and its environs.

Top 10 Best Schools in Ilorin Kwara State

  1. Chaste Intellect International School, Ilorin

Chaste Intellect International School is a top private faith-based school, located in a most serene and conducive environment of Kwara State, Republic of Nigeria. It operates a dual curricular of conventional and Islamic education. The school has a unique learning environment with state of art facilities; it comprises Nursery, Grade and secondary schools.

The school is on a mission to mould intellects by helping them develop higher-order thinking skills, a chaste mind with a high level of purity and morals, using a combination of core knowledge curriculum, Qur’an and direct instructions.

They are located at 4, Abdullahi Aguiye Road, behind Diamond Bank, Off Umaru Audi Road, GRA, Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.

  1. Roemichs International School

Roemichs International School is an International School where unity, respect, cultural diversity and understanding are promoted and excellence in learning is achieved. Success is targeted and celebrated.

All members of the school community are trusted and valued as partners who can contribute a significant role to the students’ learning. The school strives to create a safe and happy, productive learning environment where everyone is equally welcome. Roemichs Schools aims to inspire, challenge and cater for all needs so that their students can achieve their best and fulfil their potential.

The school acknowledges that humans are all life-long learners and therefore optimises opportunities where students can access new and changing information and technologies, enjoy learning and gain skills of personal responsibility, become reflective, creative thinkers, leaders and team members of a global community.

Roemmichs International school is located at Murtala Mohammed Rd Ajasse-Ipo Road Offa Garage, Ilorin Kwara State.

  1. Adesoye College, Offa

Adesoye College is a co-educational college founded by Chief Emmanuel Olatunji Adesoye in January 1987 to educate boys and girls from all the states of Nigeria as well as from overseas whose parents want to have the best kind of upbringing for them.

With this composition of students, the school strives to achieve an international character. The College provides science-oriented education and encourages a wide range of interests within a disciplined framework. The surrounding country offers a lot to those interested in natural history and archaeology.

The College Motto is “God the Almighty”. The College is dedicated to the Greatness of God and strives for excellence in all spheres of school life.

We aim to provide a secure setting in which the imagination can be kindled, industry rewarded and academic potential fulfilled.  We also seek to instil a spirit of service and to develop self-motivation and self-discipline as the basis for leadership at all levels.

They are located at Igosun road, Offa Kwara State.

  1. Effective International College, Ilorin

Effective International College runs a six-year programme divided into two sections – The Junior Secondary School (JSS) and the Senior Secondary School (SSS) following the National Policy on Education, simply described as the 6-3-3-4 system of education. As the School awaits the (9-3-4) New National Policy on Education.

The school was established in September 2003 and its arguably one of the best schools in Kwara State. They also have top-boarding facilities.

The school is located at Effective International College, University of Ilorin (PS) Road, Tanke Ilorin

Kwara State, Nigeria.

  1. Mollys School, Ilorin

Molly School is one of the best schools in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara State.

At Mollys Schools they believe education is essential to development at all levels thus children should be granted the opportunity to receive the best. The inadequacy of government contribution to the education sector has negatively impacted on our nation’s standard of education, therefore, warranting the need for private entrepreneurs to venture into the sector. It is this gap that Mollys Schools seeks to address.

They are located at Plot 9, Block 12 NNPC Pipeline Road Tanke, Ilorin.

  1. Chapel Secondary School, Ilorin

Chapel Secondary School is one of the leading faith-based secondary schools in Kwara State.

The down-turn of Educational, moral and spiritual standards motivated the members of the congregation of United Missionary Theological College Chapel Ilorin to discuss the possibility of starting a private Christian Secondary School in Ilorin.

This discussion was among the congregation for so many months that people outside the congregation thought that the school ought to have started. 

It is in recognition of the need to provide an avenue for imparting a Christian heritage to our children and ground them in sound virtues, thereby building on the foundation of Christian Education being imparted by the Chapel Nursery Primary School that UMTC Chapel decided to build a Christian Secondary School which will meet the need our members in particular and the Christian population of our environment in general.

The schools mission is to provide an avenue for imparting Christian heritage to the children, and provide excellent education – academic and spiritual for all students to bring back the glory of Christian Mission Schools notably in discipline, high academic standard and spiritual fulfilment for the sole purpose of raising God-fearing children for the Church, Nigeria and the world at large.

They are located at Chapel Road, Off University Road, Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State.

  1. Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko, Kwara State

Thomas Adewumi International College also known as TAICO is one of the best schools in Kwara State. The school is located at Oko in kwara state. Learn more about the school HERE.

8. Lamp Bearers Islamic School

Lamp Bearers is one of the best Islamic Schools in Kwara State

The school is a futuristic Islamic school preparing students for a fast-changing world by equipping them with a necessary life skill, and Islamic ethics and values.

LABIS aims to illuminate lives by providing qualitative and beneficial knowledge with in-depth Islamic ethics and core principle in the life of pupil| students that will enable them to adapt to the ever-changing world with valour.

They are located at 5 Saidu Alkali Street, Adjacent Dangote, off Asa Dam Road, Ilorin.

  1. Royal Palm International College, Ilorin

Royal Palm International College, Ilorin ranks as one of the leading schools not only in Ilorin but the whole of Kwara State. The school can favourably compete with other good schools in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt and others.

Royal Palm International College (RICO) is grandly planned to give children premium experience while their parents feel satisfied. The school’s aesthetic beauty is second to none. The school structure is simply an edifice.

The college is equipped with 18 spacious air-conditioned classrooms which make learning fun. it has standardly equipped laboratories among others. The school is located at opposite Federal training centre, Kulende Estate Junction, Ilorin, Kwara State.

  1. Aderoju International Schools, Ilorin

Aderoju International Schools began as Cradle Care, a daycare centre and nursery school in Ibadan in the late seventies. In 1981, the school moved to Ilorin, first to a temporary site in GRA before it was established at its present Tanke location in 1986, thus making Aderoju one of the first private institutions of its kind in the town.

The vision of the founder was to create a child-centred establishment, with a focus on encouraging the individuality, emotional and intellectual development of each child.

The re-development of the school in the last couple of years has been as a result of our commitment to staying true to the school’s original vision and goals within the context of our ever-changing environment, and to remain at the forefront of educational service delivery.

The mission of Aderoju Model School is to create an inspirational and creative learning environment that recognises the individuality of each child, with a focus on social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Working with parents, teachers and members of the community, we are committed to providing an innovative and thorough academic and extra-curricular program that will assist all pupils in reaching their greatest potential.

They are located at Aderoju Sagaya Street, Off Awolowo Road,Tanke, Ilorin, Kwara State.

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