Places to visit in Kwara: Owu WaterFall


This heaven on earth is located in Owu Isin Local Government of Kwara State. The existence of Owu falls is untraceable, but the fall has been described as the highest and most spectacular natural waterfalls in West Africa. The water fall cascades 330 feet down an escarpment with rocky outcrops to a pool of ice cold water below which gives a beautiful landscape and offers visitors a refreshing atmosphere.

Owu Falls is always at its best during the rainy season which spans 200 meters across making it a wonderful vacation spot. In Owu Falls, you experience a fine mix of awesome attractions and access to top quality accommodation as it offers a range of quality assessed accommodation with good quality restaurants. Its perfect location and memorable vacation experience makes it the perfect destination to host your next vacation.

A fun filled and unforgettable vacation experience awaits you. Owu falls is the highest and most spectacular natural water fall in West Africa. The water fall stands as one of the symbol of nature which it existence is untraceable, but can only be appreciated and promoted by exploring. .


The water fall is 120m above water level and cascades 330 feet down an escarpment with rocky out crops to a pool of ice cold water below. The water falls is surrounded with a beautiful natural ambience and hills which makes sightseeing a memorable experience. The waterfall is characterized with fall of ice cold water, beautiful rocky part and walk ways, and evergreen surrounding.

The Owu Waterfall in Kwara State is sometimes referred to as a “wonder in the wilderness.” It is one of the highest and fascinating waterfalls to watch in West Africa, cascading from a height of about 120 metres to a pool of foaming water below. Visitors will enjoy swimming in the pool or just watching others enjoy themselves while taking part in a picnic. It is also possible to check out Owe Kajita waterfall, the Ahoyaya falls in Jebba, and the Ubo Aiyegun Lakes.

City Tour : The Other Side of Ancient Ilorin(Kwara) State

Just Now, I got on a road trip to Ilorin with one of my friend. As you may already know, I love incorporating enthusiastic and tourism-orientated friends in my travel plans and trips. We got on the road to the ancient city of Ilorin, which is the capital of Kwara State. There are many untapped tourist attractions in Ilorin which are sadly, not known to many people. Those who know them don’t seem to appreciate them as places of tourism interest.

On arriving Ilorin, we visited one of the most beautiful lake resorts in the ancient city- the Unilorin Lake Resort located inside the University of Ilorin. The resort is actually still under construction, but it’s a very good place for boat riding and picnic or party. From the resort, we moved down to the palace of the Emir of Ilorin. The Emir’s palace is one of the most beautiful palaces I have visited in Nigeria. At the palace, my travel buddy and I learned a lot including the history and culture of Ilorin as well as that of the Emirate. The Ilorin palace is known to house smaller palaces meant for other Emirs from other parts of Nigeria because of the Emir’s cordial relationship with them. There are Royal suites that can accommodate the Emirs as well as their entourage at the same time. Call them guest palaces, and you would be right. There is, for instance, a house named after the Emir of Sokoto where the Sultan of Sokoto normally stays when he’s in town. There’s a also a house for the Shehu of Borno.

The Emir of Ilorin palace is also one of the most visited and most attractive tourist destinations in Ilorin. If you’re interested in history and education, the palace of the Emir of Ilorin is a very good place to acquire knowledge and understanding of the rich history of Ilorin. Within the palace, there are places of interest such as the Central Mosque which is the oldest Mosque in the ancient city of Ilorin. According to our Tour Guide, the palace Mosque is older than Nigeria and the palace itself, having been built in 1351 Islamic year (1932 in Christian calendar). The Mosque is very significant in that all Emirs, including past and present, were all turbaned in the mosque. The ceremony for a new Emir starts from the Mosque, it’s also an important place for the chiefs to visit before they can be turbaned.

We also visited the National Museum in Ilorin. It is one of the best and loveliest Museums I’ve visited in Nigeria. By the way, it’s the 12th Museum I have visited in Nigeria. The Museum Guide told us the museum was established in 1945. I remember telling her that Jos Museum was also established in 1945 and that I’ve known Jos museum as the first and oldest museum in Nigeria. But she explained that although Jos Museum was truly established in 1945, it was not commissioned. In the other hand, Ilorin Museum was opened and commissioned in 1945, making it officially older than Jo’s Museum and all other Museums in Nigeria.

Ilorin Museum has archaeological, ethnographic and craft shops. The Museum Guide gave us a little lecture on the clay that was used during the early days to mold the structures before being brought to the Museum. However, they’re no longer called clay but rather Terracotta. The Museum kitchen is where traditional food of different tribes are being prepared and sold. We actually ordered some food but unfortunately it was not available at the moment. We were disappointed, but we enjoyed taking some drinks.

Sadly, Ilorin is not one of the well known or popular cities in Nigeria, but it’s actually one of the most interesting cities in Nigeria. There’s a lot to see and there’s a lot of knowledge to acquire in the Kwara State capital. You should make some effort and visit this ancient city. When you’ve made up your mind to visit Ilorin, here is a list of the places you might want to visit while in Ilorin: 1 The Emir of Ilorin Palace 2 The Lake Resort, Ilorin 3. The popular Oja Oba market 4. The National museum 5. The Palms Mall 6. Dada Pottery You will definitely enjoy your time while in Ilorin.

List of Commissioners in Kwara State

Below are the list of commissioners in kwara state during the period of Alhaji Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq in his first regime.

1. Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs – Aisha Ahman Pategi

2.Health – Dr Raji Abdulrasaq

3. Sports and Youth Development – Joana Nnazua Kolo

4. Agriculture and Rural Development – Adenike Afolabi Oshatimehin

5. Social Development- Deborah Bosede Aremu

6. Environment and Forestry – Aliyu Mohammed Saifudeen

7. Education – Fatimah Bisola Ahmed

8. Finance and Planning – Olasunbo Florence Oyeyemi

9. Justice – Ayinla Jawondo Suleiman

10. Energy – Aliyu Sabi Kora

11. Works and Transport – Suleiman Rotimi Iliasu

12. Tertiary Education- Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu

13. Enterprise – Agbaje Wahab Femi

14. Communication – Murtala Olanrewaju

15. Water Resources – Arinola Fatimah Lawal

16. Special Duties – Funke Juliana Oyedun

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Coronavirus: Kwara govt want shutdown on activities in the state

the sate regulations on the pandemic — except vehicles carrying goods and services such as food and drugs and categories earlier exempted in a recent address by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The administration also commended Abuja and the World Health Organisation (WHO) for their technical supports, including recently helping to strengthen government’s response team and training of its LGA disease surveillance and notification officers (DSNOs) on COVID-19 preparedness, response and surveillance.

The government, however, said a total lockdown was necessary to flatten the curve of transmission at this time.

“The government hereby bans all vehicular movements, including private and commercial vehicles, from 6 p.m. tomorrow, Friday 10 April, 2020,” Kayode Alabi, Deputy Governor and Chairman of the Technical Committee on COVID-19, told a news briefing in Ilorin, the state capital.

“The only exceptions are commercial trucks carrying goods and services who would operate with absolute respect for social distancing and other COVID-19 safety protocols. All kinds of shops, bars, pubs, and markets are hereby shut until further notice. Markets where foods and medications are sold will open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, between 10 a.m. and 2p.m.

“Contractors working on government projects are allowed to proceed to work with no more than 20 workers on site at one time.”

The total lockdown is for initial 14 days and may be reviewed as government monitors the situation, he added.

He said previous restrictions remain and would be enforced.

Commending the federal government and the WHO, Mr Alabi said the NCDC has sent down a crack team of experts to strengthen its capabilities to combat the spread of the virus.

“The government also commends the World Health Organisation for the recent training of our health officials across the 16 local government areas on community-level COVID preparedness, response and surveillance. All our LGA Disease Surveillance and Notification Officers (DSNOs) are now back in their localities to do a step down training for community informants and focal persons,” he said.

Mr Alabi also expressed strong disapproval of the alleged stigmatisation of COVID-19 patients or other persons and communities on account of their contacts with any patient.

He warned that anyone caught doing so may be prosecuted in line with the regulation and relevant laws.

His words: “The government is dismayed by reports of some people stigmatising the families, relations and acquaintances of persons who have tested positive for COVID-19. This development is not only unhealthy but it is in fact inimical to the efforts to trace contacts and flatten the curve of transmission of the virus.

“As was aptly observed by His Excellency in his live press briefing of Tuesday April 8, the government repeats clearly that contracting COVID-19 is neither a death sentence nor a crime. Anyone who has contracted it is a victim of an unknown enemy. They are not villains to be stigmatised. Just anyone can be victim of the deadly virus. All the patients and their families are persons to be catered for at this time. This is a tough time for them and nobody will be allowed to add to their worries!

“We state also that the government has carefully refused to mention the names of patients or their families. It has accorded the patients and their families all the rights, privileges and confidentiality due to them under relevant laws and ethics. The government will not hesitate to prosecute anyone found guilty of stigmatising patients and communities, or robbing them of their dignity. We warn that sharing of the picture of any COVID-19 patient qualifies as a crime and government will treat the despicable characters behind it as suspected criminals going forward.

“We assure the public that everything is being done to prevent community transmission and there is no use destroying years of community peace and relationships in the guise of identifying (COVID-19) contacts, whether primary or secondary. The cases at the isolation centre are stable and without any symptoms, and are getting the right care and support every step of the way.

“Fellow Kwarans, we repeat that this is no time to panic. Please stay calm. The Government will do everything to keep you safe. But we also need you to play your own role. Stay at home. Keep social distancing. Avoid crowd. Prioritise personal hygiene. And please do not spread unverified news. Once again, we pray for all those infected to get well soon. We assure them of getting the best care possible. We also thank all our healthcare givers for their priceless contribution to humanity. We are grateful to all of you and we urge you to do your best for us at this time and always.”

Coronavirus: Kwara Gov. just confirms two new cases of COVID-19

Governor of Kwara state, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has confirmed two new cases of COVID-19 in the state.

Abdulrazaq made the confirmation in a post on his Twitter page on Sunday night.

The new cases brings the number of cases in Kwara state to four.

The post read: “I regret to announce that we have two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kwara state.

“This brings the total number of active cases in our state to four. We will continue to intensify our efforts to trace and test suspected cases.

“All hands must be on deck to flatten the curve of transmission in our state. Do your part: maintain personal hygiene, stay at home, and keep social distancing. May God protect us all. “

The National Center for Disease Control, NCDC, on Sunday confirmed five new cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

How kwara State tackles Corona Virus

Corona virus Covide-19 in kwara state as become something the people of the state are wondering what kind of an outbreak is said to have found it way down to major cities with the state and it as come to the notice of the whole public how to be careful of the virus by maintaining good hygiene and follow the stay at home order by the federal government and also to stay alive let keep the physical distance as the world earlier called it social distancing.

Normal activities from the traders can be achieved even by selling right in front of their houses as individuals within the area they live can purchase these items from them.

Governor of Kwara state, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has confirmed two new cases of COVID-19 in the state.

Abdulrazaq made the confirmation in a post on his Twitter page on Sunday night.

The new cases brings the number of cases in Kwara state to four.

The post read: “I regret to announce that we have two new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Kwara state.

“This brings the total number of active cases in our state to four. We will continue to intensify our efforts to trace and test suspected cases.

Kwara State And Corona Virus(Covid-19)

Covid-19 by Kwara Student

o prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Kwara, the state government has ordered civil servants to work from home and all gatherings of more than 25 people be discouraged until further notice.

A statement released on Sunday by the state governor, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq on Covid-19 reads: “The welfare, security and well-being of all Kwarans are of utmost importance to our administration and, as such, we have embarked on a robust healthcare transformation agenda to give every Kwaran access to better quality and affordable healthcare”.

He noted that currently, we have no confirmed case of COVID-19 in Kwara State, he had approved funding for the construction of an isolation centre at the onset of our administration.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Nigeria rose to 30 on Sunday.

The governor said that Kwara was following the lead of the federal government by mobilising all resources available to to prevent the spread of coronavirus the state.

ASA Local |Government Development Discussion

17 Wards Under Asa LGA are:
















Asa is a community in kwara state that is very close to the state capital, they even share some economic structure that help boost the state economy where they have the largest companies which are located along side big industries and some captain of industries.

It is an historical place that have been existing for ages and also have some historical attraction and the culture of its people.

            Asa as a community that is big to own it local government which the headquarter is located in Afon which is spotted to be kwara central and close to Ilorin the state capital and the Afon town as population of 500,000 People in the major town in which big companies, manufacturing home, industries and agricultural investment is very sufficient and help increase the economy of the state.

Despite all these Asa still lack some social amenities and no good infrastructure except for the big company infrastructure. The money generated from the local government is not been invested in the community to increase the health, educational and other infrastructure which will aid sustainable living of the people in the town.

ASA Local government with the headquarters in afon is located in kwara   central.  like   every   other local government in the state it is essentially consist of villages and hamlet that lacks social amenities and infrastructure suitable for proper living condition. This has led to increase in migration from the area to the urban center.

  ASA   comprises of 3 major districts 

  • AFON- (60 major villages and hamlet)
  • OWODE- (28 major villages and hamlet)
  • ONIRE-(30 major villages and hamlet and farm settlement)


166 Primary school 37 junior secondary school

They are all in dilapidated condition


Covering the total number of 45 health facility and they are all in dilapidated condition

People of ASA let communicate with one another let move the motion let get our community developed

Let speak here in KDT Forum

Join the Dicussion on KDT Forum

Click Here To Join KDT Forum

Notable Personalities from Kwara

Abdulfatah Ahmed, banker and politician
AbdulRahman AbdulRasaq, politician
Adamu Atta, politician
Adebayo Salami, actor and producer
Ahmed Mohammed Inuwa, politician
Bola Shagaya, Oil Magnate
Bukola Saraki, politician
Cornelius Adebayo, politician
David Abioye, cleric
David Bamigboye, soldier
David Oyedepo, cleric
Femi Adebayo, actor and film producer
Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki, politician

Ibrahim Gambari, diplomat
Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, politician
Joseph Ayo Babalola, cleric
Kemi Adesoye, screenwriter
Kunle Afolayan, actor, film director and producer
Lágbájá, musician
Lai Mohammed, lawyer and politician
Lola Ashiru, architect and politician
Mohammed Lawal, naval officer
Mohammed Shaaba Lafiagi, politician
Mustapha Akanbi, lawyer
Ola Ibrahim, naval officer

Olusola Saraki, politician
Rashidi Yekini, soccer player
Salaudeen Latinwo, soldier
Salihu Modibbo Alfa Belgore, jurist and former Chief Justice of Nigeria.
Sarah Alade, former CBN governor
Sheik Adam Abdullah Al-Ilory, Islamic scholar
Simon Ajibola, politician
Theophilus Bamigboye, soldier and politician
Tony Tetuila, musician
Tunde Adebimpe, musician
Tunde Idiagbon, soldier
Wasiu Alabi Pasuma, musician